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About - Stéphanie Garbani
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Stéphanie Garbani


Born in Geneva on June 7, 1984, I studied art at the Arts Décoratifs and Fine Arts in Geneva. During this period, I worked mainly painting and drawing. While my studies, I was lucky to work with the team at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, who taught me various techniques in creating the stage settings that I could later practice in the world of music and show. Afterwards, I continued to work in my studio where I developed a personal work. Over this period, I exploited various techniques of drawings, paintings and I took my first steps in sculpture.

In 2010, I created a series of ink drawings on paper on the theme of the tribe. This series of drawings allowed me to exhibit several times in Switzerland and Senegal on the occasion of the Biennial of Dakar in 2012.

Travail en cours

My artistic work is a narration of images. When I take my pen and work with Indian ink, I draw in the same way as I write. I lay my feelings on paper through the forms and rhythms that I explore. Black and white allows me to easily decline an idea.

I started Chinese ink on paper in 2010 by reproducing a narrative series of tribal women. These are part of nature. In this series of drawings, the woman has a dominating position in front of the man, pushed to the extreme she becomes cannibal, similar to the praying mantis that eats the male after being mated. All my drawings are accompanied by titles that give an ironic dimension to the reading of the scenes I depict. (See story of the tribe)

Today, my inspiration is on the philosophical phrase:

« Men come from Mars, women come from Venus » by John Gray. This phrase, which shows how different we are, has an impact on the lives of couples because it demonstrates the complexity of getting into a household. It also illustrates in a playful way the hypothesis that we come from two different planets. As a result of this reflection, I created a series of drawings that symbolize the couple through symbols already known to all, such as Botticeli’s Venus, but also through the metaphor of Man into an animal.

I have always been interested in woman and the more I advance in my reflection the more I ask about the man. What is the place of man and woman today? In the couple, there is always a dominant and a dominated, but in the progression of the couples, the roles can be revers


1997-2000 School of Arts Décoratifs, Genève

2000-2006 School of Fine Arts, Genève

Collectif exhibitions

2006  Exhibition at the Villa Dutoit dans le cadre de l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Genève

2007  Exposition collective dans le cadre de la Fondation ESP-ASSE

2012 Biennal de Dakar (3FI-4FE)

2015 Exposition au Montreux Arts Gallery

Exposition Personnelle

2008 Exposition à ESP-ASSE

2011  Exposition à ESP-ASSE

2012  Exposition à la galerie Ruine

2014 Exposition à la galerie Escabeau

Expérience Professionnelle

2000    Réalisation de multiples décors au Grand théâtre de Genève

2004    Réalisation du wall painting de Sylvie Fleury dans le cadre de

l’exposition Lasco, Centre d’Art Neuchâtelois

2005    Assistante d’Antony Gormley dans le cadre de l’exposition

« Être» à l’ONU

2006    Réalisation d’une animation projetée sur scène pour unchœur d’enfant à Lausanne

2009    Réalisation du décor de scène pour le chœur de la commune de Forel-Lavaux.

2013    Realisation des fonds de vitrine pour le magasin Palud Modes à Lausanne